Erzia International Art Foundation


On May 21 at 18:00, a free cultural program will begin at the Erzia-Centre as part of the city-wide action Night of Museums. Guests of the site will see a unique collection of sculptures by the great Stepan Erzia, visit the author’s tour of the exposition of the vice-president of the Erzya Foundation, talk with florists and see the play “Meetings and Farewells” performed by the actors of the theater studio of the House-Museum of K. S. Stanislavsky.

The evening will start at 18:00. By this time, guests are expected to independently examine the exposition of the Erzya Center (and this is more than 20 amazing sculptures from different countries and regions). At 19:00 in the “Erzia-Centre” there will be a presentation of the exhibition from the International Creative Association of Phytocollagists and Artists “Florissima”. More than 20 authors, members of the Union of Artists of Russia, Moscow, Armenia, Belarus, the International Union of Designers take part in the exhibition. The exposition includes about 40 thematic compositions, paintings and floral collages made in various techniques, including the rare marquetry technique.

Further, the guests of our art space will have a unique opportunity to go into the world of the sculptor Stepan Erzia with an author’s tour from the art historian, curator of the collection of the Erzia Foundation, Elena Butrova. Visitors will find exciting stories about each of the sculptures – their search, restoration, copying and finding a place in the exhibition. The vicissitudes of Stepan Erzia’s fate are worthy of a great novel – Elena Butrova will tell about the amazing life of the “Mordovian Rodin”, his love, ambitious projects, separation from his homeland and tragic return to the USSR.

The main event of the evening will be “pictures come to life” – a performance synthesizing two types of art, theater and painting into one. At 20:00, the actors of the theater studio of the House-Museum of K.S.Stanislavsky will present the play “Meetings and Farewells”, a performance in which static paintings by famous artists become dynamic. These are the works of famous artists Rene Magritte, Boris Kustodiev, Edward Hopper, Paul Cezanne and others.

During the Night of Museums at the Erzia Centre, art lovers will be able to purchase publications published by the Erzia Foundation and memorable souvenirs, take part in a pleasant tasting of exclusive tea from the Russian company Sugrev, and take part in the cultural lottery.