Erzia International Art Foundation


Over the past decade, the Foundation employees have done a lot of work in different areas, including publications, issues and other scientific activities, have gathered interesting facts about the life and work of the sculptor published in new albums.

To mark the 130th anniversary of S. Erzia, the Foundation together with the Mordovian Erzia Museum of Fine Arts (Saransk) issued the book called “Stepan Erzia: Honors and Tragedy. Stepan Erzia: Biography in Documents”, which included the documentary story told by the Soviet diplomat, Yu. Paporov, who personally knew S.Erzia in Argentina, and also the extensive archival material from the museums of Saransk, Gelendzhik and Alatyr, containing previously unknown pages of S. Erzia’s biography, memoirs of people close to the sculptor, valuable photographs published for the first time. 

To mark the 135th and 140th anniversaries of S. Erzia, the story was translated in Italian and Spanish, and issued in separate editions. The books were supplemented with a collection of articles by famous Russian, South American and European researchers, as well as the new archival documents found in the libraries, private and state archives of Italy, Argentina and Uruguay. In 2011, the Foundation held over 10 presentations of the Spanish edition in the countries of South America. 

The Erzia Foundation provided sponsor support to the publisher of the first book for young people, “Ten Journeys of Sculptor Erzia” (by Natalya Osyanina), published in the series “Land of Mordovia” (Saransk, 2008), as well as the book “Perspectives. Letters about Erzia”, and to the publications by other authors. 

Foundation’s Publications

  • Yu.N. Paporov: “Sculptor Erzia: Honors and Tragedy”. Documentary and Publicistic Story. Archive. 2006, Saransk – Mordvin Book Publisher
  • Yuri Paporov. «El escuptor ruso Erzia y la Argentina». Documentary and Publicistic Story. Archive. (Translated into Spanish by Elena Karchik), 2010, Moscow – Avanglion Publishing House
  • Yuri Paporov. «Il grande Erzia: riconoschimento e tragedia». Documentary and Publicistic Story. Archive. (translated into Italian by Marzia Dati), 2015, Carrara- Sociata Editrice Apuana
  • Illustrated Catalogue of the Erzia International Art Foundation collection. Compiled by Elena Butrova, 2014, Moscow
  • Booklet “The Path of the Baptist” (in Russian and Italian), compiled by Elena Butrova, 2011/2012, Moscow
  • Booklets for the exhibition projects dedicated to the 140th anniversary of S.Erzia in Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk, Konstantinovo, Tallinn. Compiled by Elena Butrova, 2016, Moscow
  • Searches, Findings, Restoration, Collection, Projects. To the 10th anniversary of the Erzia International Art Foundation (2007-2017). Indexed album. Compiled by Elena Butrova, 2017, Moscow  

Sponsor support for publications:

  • Mihail Ilyaev “Erzia in My Life”. – 2007, Saransk
  • Natalia Osyanina. “Ten Journeys of Sculptor Erzia”. – 2008, Saransk
  • Mihail Ilyaev. «I am only 75!» – 2008, Moscow
  • Indexed album “Carving” (compiled by M. Ilyaev) No. 2 – 2009, Moscow
  • “Carving” Magazine, No. 3/2010 – 2009, Moscow
  • Lia Aranovich “Letters about Erzia”. – 2011, Nizhny Novgorod
  • «Shcherbinka in the Great Patriotic War. 1941-1945» (to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory). – 2015, Moscow

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