Erzia International Art Foundation


Association for International Cultural Cooperation in Carrara
ACISE (Associazione Culturale Internazionale Stepan Erzia) –

Scope of activities:

Arrangement of events related to promotion of the Russian culture and Russian language in Italy;
Arrangement and support of joint Russian and Italian projects in Italy and Russia;
Arrangement of the Russian language and culture courses for Italians;
Interaction with other linguistic, scientific and cultural institutions involved in the field of the similar interests in Italy and Russia, intensification of cultural relations between Italy and Russia;
Attraction of sponsor resources and fundraising for cultural projects via grants and international cultural programs
Vice President and project curator is Professor Marzia Dati (Carrara)

Main Events and Projects

13 December 2013. Registration of the Association for International Cultural and Business Cooperation in Carrara (ACISE)

April 2014. Participation in the exhibition of Jorge Romeo, a Carrara sculptor, in Pietrasanta

22 April 2014. Presentation of ACISE at the conference of Carrara Culture Associations (City Library, Carrara)

Summer 2014. Participation in the conference “The Russian on the Ligurian Shore of Italy in XIX-XX Centuries” (Le Grazie near Porto Venere)

June 2013-2014. Participation in the celebration of the Russia Days in Italy arranged by the Russian Consul General in Genoa (Villa Lo Zorbino, Castello Bruzzo)

April 2015. The publication of a new edition – the first book about the sculptor in Italian (“Sculptor Erzia: Honors and Tragedy” by Yu. Paporov) prepared by the Erzia Foundation together with ACISE

9 May 2015. Presentation of the book, “Sculptor Erzia: Honors and Tragedy” by Yu. Paporov (in Italian) at Palazzo Binelli, Carrara

5-7 March 2015. Participation in the international scientific conference at the Institute of Foreign Languages, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, the program at the Culture TV Channel, at the ceremonial meeting and concert to mark the 55th anniversary of the PFUR in the Kremlin Palace (Moscow)

November 2015. “Italian Evening in the PFUR” and presentation of the book, “Sculptor Erzia: Honors and Tragedy” by Yu. Paporov (in Italian), at the Institute of Foreign Languages, PFUR

June 2016. Exhibition dedicated to the 140th anniversary of S. Erzia within the cultural program «Parkur: d`arte in movemento» of the annual festival called «Marblе Weeks-2016» (piazza Alberica, Carrara)

October 2016. Presentation of the book called “History of the Soviet Russian Literature” (volume 2) by Professor Guido Carli at the University of Pisa

January 2017. Presentation of the book, “Sculptor Erzia: Honors and Tragedy” by Yu. Paporov (in Italian) at Circolo Ufficiali Marina Militare (La Spezia)
Arranging excursions to the places of sojourn of the Russian cultural figures for Russian- and Italian-speaking tourists and ACISE guests in Carrara and its suburbs

Interviews about sculptor Erzia and other Russian cultural figures, who lived and worked in Italy, and about the Erzia Foundation, for Italian and Russian radio stations and TV channels

Publications in the local mass media about the Russian culture and cultural figures, who lived and worked in Italy

Commencement of work of the Russian language and culture courses for Italians

Fund news

Exhibition “Under the Scarlet Sails” by Alexander Popov

6 September 2019

September 05, 2019 the personal exhibition of Alexander Popov “Under the Scarlet Sails” was held at Erzia Gallery. Alexander Popov is 13 years old, but he has been seriously interested in painting for a long time. The young artist and his parents…


Guests of the Fund from the Republic of Belarus

23 August 2019

August 22, 2019 a delegation from the Republic of Belarus visited Erzia Gallery. Art Director of the Foundation Vlada Prosvirkina gave an interesting guide tour for the guests. She described in details each famous sculpture presented in the gallery. The guests were…


International children competition “The Worlds of Master Erzia”

20 August 2019

The widescale and long-term project “Sculptor Erzia and the Whole World” is dedicated to the 145th anniversary of the outstanding sculptor of the 20th century Stepan Erzia (1876-1959). Erzia International Art Foundation starts the next stage of the international competition of children’s…