Erzia International Art Foundation


Collection of Books about S.D. Erzia

The Erzia Foundation has a large collection of books about the sculptor, confirming the fact that throughout the century S. Erzia’s personality and art have been attracting unfailing interest of journalists, writers and even poets. They include the first books about Erzia published in Argentina in Spanish as far back as during the lifetime of the sculptor, exhibition catalogues, periodicals about the sculptor of different years, containing articles about his work, as well as modern directories, albums, catalogues, booklets, novels and scientific conference materials.

Based on the archive and bibliographic section, the Foundation arranged and held the publication exhibitions at the Russian State Library (former Lenin Library) (2012), the Cervantes Institute in Moscow (2015-2016), the Alexander Solzhenitsyn House of Russia Abroad (2017), as well as Novorossiysk Historical Open-Air Museum and the Gelendzhik Local History Museum (2016).

Fund news

Exhibition “Under the Scarlet Sails” by Alexander Popov

6 September 2019

September 05, 2019 the personal exhibition of Alexander Popov “Under the Scarlet Sails” was held at Erzia Gallery. Alexander Popov is 13 years old, but he has been seriously interested in painting for a long time. The young artist and his parents…


Guests of the Fund from the Republic of Belarus

23 August 2019

August 22, 2019 a delegation from the Republic of Belarus visited Erzia Gallery. Art Director of the Foundation Vlada Prosvirkina gave an interesting guide tour for the guests. She described in details each famous sculpture presented in the gallery. The guests were…


International children competition “The Worlds of Master Erzia”

20 August 2019

The widescale and long-term project “Sculptor Erzia and the Whole World” is dedicated to the 145th anniversary of the outstanding sculptor of the 20th century Stepan Erzia (1876-1959). Erzia International Art Foundation starts the next stage of the international competition of children’s…