Erzia International Art Foundation

The Republic of Mordovia together with Erzia International Art Foundation presents the «Route of Sculptor Erzia»

The new tourist route starts in Mordovia and its name is the «Route of Sculptor Erzia». The main points are Baevo, a village located in the south-west of the Ardatovsky district of the Republic of Mordovia and the capital of the republic – the city of Saransk, in which the Mordovian Republican Museum named after Erzia is located, which has the largest collection of works by Stepan Erzia.

The two-day itinerary will include excursions to places that are significant for the sculptor, acquaintance with Mordovian traditions and cuisine. The route was developed by the travel operator «Wind of wanderings» together with the Erzia International Art Foundation and its president Mikhail Zhuravlev.

Also, in the nearest future, it is planned to launch walking tours around Moscow. The capital meant a lot to Erzia, he studied in Moscow and started his way there, the last years of his life passed here after returning from Argentina.

The Moscow walking route will include places directly related to the life of Erzia and the recently opened cultural center «Erzia Center» – the only exhibition site in Moscow with an exposition of casts of the Mordovian sculptor.

The initiative to launch the route came from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Mordovia and the Erzia International Art Foundation.