Erzia International Art Foundation

Exhibition “Under the Scarlet Sails” by Alexander Popov

September 05, 2019 the personal exhibition of Alexander Popov “Under the Scarlet Sails” was held at Erzia Gallery.

Alexander Popov is 13 years old, but he has been seriously interested in painting for a long time. The young artist and his parents attended the opening of the exhibition. You can see about 40 various paintings there. The guests of the gallery were happy to communicate and ask questions, took pictures, and also they had Alexander Popov’s autographs.

Olga Almazova and Mikhail Barsky asked Erzia Gallary to organize an exhibition of the young artist. They are singers and perform popular songs and they are also friends of Erzia International Foundation. Olga and Mikhail organized a concert for the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition awaits guests until September 28, 2019.