Erzia International Art Foundation


A number of events dedicated to the culture and tourism potential of the Republic of Mordovia will be held in the Erzia Centre space from June 9 to 19. The event program includes the “Day of Mordovia” – a presentation of tours around the region from local tour operators, performances by national groups, master classes and tasting of local cuisine, an ethnographic exhibition TONOLL by artist Yuri Dyrin and meetings with Mordovian artists.

The art decade will open on June 9 at 16:30 with the Mordovia Day event.

In a programme:

  • show of artists of the Mordovian Culture Center of the Representative Office of the Republic of Mordovia in Moscow
  • speech by the Deputy Minister of Economy, Trade and Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Mordovia Marina Alexandrovna Zhulina, who will name “13 reasons why you should visit Mordovia”
  • presentation of the Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts named after S.D. Erzya and Art Festival “Erzya Fest”
  • presentation of excursion routes “Sculptor Erzya. The son of Mordovia is the pride of the world” and “Call of Torama”
  • presentation of a tourist destination from the Erzya Foundation: art tour “To the places of Erzya” (Moscow) and “#TrainErzya: visit the great sculptor” (Moscow-Saransk)
  • acquaintance with the project of the revival of the village of Danshino and the All-Russian historical and cultural festival “DanshinoFest”

In the interactive part of the program, the guests of the event will have the opportunity to visit the Erzia-Centre sculpture exposition, take part in master classes from Mordovian craftsmen and get acquainted with the dishes of national cuisine.

TONOLL is a project of the Honored Artist of the Republic of Mordovia Yuri Dyrin. Yuri Dyrin is not just an artist by vocation, he is unique in his ability to visually express the identity of the ethnic group of his homeland, the features of the Finno-Ugric epic in symbols, images, color, narrative of artistic “stories” on canvases and graphics, which he leads from the first person. Yuri’s powerful coloristic temperament is combined with esoteric motifs, with the mystery of symbols and signs. The artist wanders after the mystery like a lunatic behind the moon, he is seduced by the fragility of the image, the world of his strange zoomorphic creatures refers to pagan rituals, the world of spirits, shamanism, to the archaic – these are the characteristic features of the ethnofuturism style, the origins of which are in the “animal style”. Through the particular, the artist cognizes the universal, studying the ancient layers of the culture of his ancestors, into which he introduces an artistic guess about some kind of primeval myth that lies in the depths of the unconscious.

On June 17 at 18:00, the Erzia-Centre will host a meeting with Yuri Dyrin, where the artist will answer questions about his art and creative path.

Admission to all Art Decade events is free.

About the format of art decades:

One of the priority projects of the Erzia-Centre will be the annual art decades of cities, regions, republics and countries of near and far abroad, associated with the life and work of the outstanding sculptor of the twentieth century – Stepan Erzya.

These include: Mordovia (Saransk, Baevo), Chuvashia (Alatyr), Tatarstan (Kazan, Laishevo), Moscow, the Urals (Ekaterinburg, Polevskoy, the village of Mramorskoye), the Russian Caucasus (Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik), Georgia (Batumi), Azerbaijan ( Baku, Mardakan), France (Nice, Paris, Co), Italy (Carrara, Genoa), Argentina, Uruguay, as well as Finno-Ugric regions and countries related to the Mordovians.

The slogan of the art decades: “Classic Erzia as an inspirer of modern culture and its figures, new creative projects.”

The Art Decade lasts 10 days and includes a program of events aimed at revealing the creative potential of modern cultural, public and tourism organizations, discovering new names in culture, including musicians, artists, literary and theater figures. Priority is given to young authors, as well as works and projects related to the name of S. D. Erzya.

The first art decade is dedicated to the birthplace of the sculptor Stepan Erzya – Mordovia. In the epicenter of attention: national and regional tourism and cultural projects, as well as current names in the modern culture of Mordovia and the Mordovian diasporas (community communities).