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Марция Дати

Марция Дати - Член руководства Национальной Ассоциации Итальянских Руссистов,  член Клуба Юнеско Каррара деи Марми, Фонда Итальянской Среды и Ассоциации Италия Ностра, Ассоциации Business Professional Women International.  С 2001 года - президент Центра Русского Искусства и Культуры имени Н.В.Гоголя. С 2007 года – представитель Международного Фонда искусств имени С.Д.Эрьзи в Италии.

Anders Kreuger

Anders Kreuger (Sweden) is Director of the Malmo Art Academy and Exhibition Curator at Lund Konsthall (Sweden). He is a member of the Programme Team of the European Kunsthalle in Cologne, member of the Editorial Board for A Prior (magazine) and advisor to the Rags Media Collective in their capacity as curators of Manifesta 7 in Bolzano. Since 1999, he has been active as an independent curator, writer and lecturer. Previous to this, he was Director of NIFCA, the Nordic Institute of Contemporary Art in Helsinki (1995-1999) and of the Nordic Information Office in Vilnius (1991-1995).