Erzia International Art Foundation

Stepan Erzia and Sergey Yesenin memorable evening in Baku

The memorable evening will take place at the Russian Information and Cultural Center in Baku on October 4, 2019. It is dedicated to friendship between Sergei Yesenin and Stepan Erzia in Azerbaijan in 1924-1925. The theme of creative communication between two outstanding…


Exhibition “Under the Scarlet Sails” by Alexander Popov

September 05, 2019 the personal exhibition of Alexander Popov “Under the Scarlet Sails” was held at Erzia Gallery. Alexander Popov is 13 years old, but he has been seriously interested in painting for a long time. The young artist and his parents…


Guests of the Fund from the Republic of Belarus

August 22, 2019 a delegation from the Republic of Belarus visited Erzia Gallery. Art Director of the Foundation Vlada Prosvirkina gave an interesting guide tour for the guests. She described in details each famous sculpture presented in the gallery. The guests were…


International children competition “The Worlds of Master Erzia”

The widescale and long-term project “Sculptor Erzia and the Whole World” is dedicated to the 145th anniversary of the outstanding sculptor of the 20th century Stepan Erzia (1876-1959). Erzia International Art Foundation starts the next stage of the international competition of children’s…


“Erzia Day” in Mramorskoe village

June, 26 “Erzia Day” took place at Ural region in Mramorskoye village. This very special day was one of the main events of the international festival “Marble Mile”. This festival is held for the third time near Yekaterinburg. Adviser of the Head…


The International Festival «Marble Mile»

The international festival “MARBLE MILE” and a special “Erzya Day” took place in Polevskoy town near Yekaterinburg. The festival is organized by Erza International Art Foundation and Polevskoy Local Government with the support of the Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government, the Ministry…


Fund news

Victory over Nazism. Are Europe and the World ready for a liberal interpretation of the Past?

6 May 2022

On the eve of the 77th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany and its final capitulation, the possible problem of the events’ repetition and the occurence of misanthropic regimes like the Nazi one is becoming especially relevant. One of the main…


The President of Erzia International Art Foundation is to take part in the XIV All-Russian scientific and methodological conference of the Institute of the Foreign Languages of RUDN University

25 March 2022

The RUDN University is holding the XIV All-Russian Scientific and Methodological Conference online. It’s dedicated to the issues of modern linguistics and the humanitarian sciences. The conference will touch upon issues of intercultural communication, modern languages, interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and studying…


Erzia International Art Foundation participated in the presentation of the project “Memory Headquarter of the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Polish Division. Memorial Museum of the Soviet-Polish Brotherhood in Arms”

17 March 2022

The presentation of the project “Memory Headquarter of the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Polish Division. Memorial Museum of the Soviet-Polish Brotherhood in Arms” has taken place in the Ryazan Central Library on the 15th of March. The project was initiated by the “KURSK” community,…